The condom

He was high on something

Probably speed, but who cares. At least it’s near irrelevant. The party was okay, a bit overcrowded and it had some odd mixtures concerning the guests. Aside from these minor inconveniences, the biggest problem of that night was the shortage of beer. Everybody was drinking and it was near impossible to hoard a stash in the “crowd”. Please, keep this in mind as we skip back a bit. 

He was high and had a cute girl arranged just for the occasion. For some reason, it would have been a sure thing for him. But, in a similar but still in stark contrast to my problem, he also had one for himself.  Still keeping his depraved form of sensibility, probably for his own protection, he needed some rubbers for the night. Well, it’s a good thing that that poor girl remains relatively safe. Anyway, he needed rubbers and I needed beer. Just as I had learned from my dear mother, I had a couple of them with me. We quickly ran upstairs, he got one and I got a cold one. No problem. 

Later, I learned that he still managed to fuck up. Called out the wrong name…

                            The beer was good though.