Spicy Delight

For a couple of years now, I got hooked on a bit spicier world of tastes. This is, as we know all well and nice, especially if we consider my well-trained intestinal flora. Still, one perverse delight of this is when for a time the training subsidies. To be more precise, when after a time of not comes the few days of yes. Readjusting to those tastes. Happily welcoming the Red Gold. This is just one part of it since we don’t always dine alone. Even when more often than… Oh, skip this jabber. To share the joy of new flavor combinations and discovery. To ripen the experiences that we neglected with the wind of change. Then the big moment comes and the primrose blooms again. Sitting above the water while the scolding frostbite is all that remains behind my excrements. Have a nice evening.